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Hold No Promises.

the persuit of dreams


A new description for 2008

I’m a slightly eccentric and incredibly clumsy 18-year-old Brit, who is passionate about Art, Writing, History, Rock and Metal music and my friends. When they have a problem I am the one they come to for advice and a shoulder to cry on. That basically sums me up; I am the geeky girl with all of the answers-except when it comes to my own mess.

I spend an abnormal amount of time thinking about love and relationships-just trying to get my head around why some succeed and others fail. This reflection extends to human nature and as you’ve probably already guessed I intend to study psychology at university in the coming years. And if you’ve made it to my profile it’s probably because you’ve been subjected to some of my psycho-babble in some of the LJ groups I’ve joined. I apologise for getting so carried away, I just want to help as best I can.

In my spare time, I attend an all-girls sixth form in the heart of Berkshire. I am quite lazy with my academics but I get good grades and I’m incredibly ambitious, I know where I’m headed-it’s just getting there. When not learning I confess to being a shopaholic with a particular weakness for shoes, there is nothing better than dragging my friends out shopping, stopping at the nearest Subway on the way. Failing that I love going out to bars with my newly aquired powers of ID-although I appear to have a strange penchant for attracting the unwanted attention of balding twenty-something men-hardly something to boast about.

The rest of it is that i love cooking, have a very black and sarcastic sense of humour-don't worry if you don't get it, few do. I really appreciate poetry but when it comes to writing it-i seem to have lost my talent somewhere. I have a serious problem with stalkers, they seem to be attracted to me and i find it hard to get rid of them, though i welcome the attention of everyone else.

In Summary....

Birthday: 22nd December

Bloodtype: O-

Sign: Capricorn

Family: Only Child, with a Single Parent-Father.

Favourite colours: Pink, Silver, Turquoise and Red

Favourite Food: Sushi and Ribena, Subway (junk)

Worst Food: onions, chilli

Hobbies: Psychobabble and writing

Best Subject: Psychology, also love my a-level in History

Worst Subject: Philosophy-The teachers ruin it

Has trouble with: Heights, Spiders

Strong points: Advice, dependable